Good Life Featured in the Boston Business Journal

We’re thrilled to be in this week’s edition of the Boston Business Journal! Our thanks to Sean McFadden for his skillful reporting and to Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce President (and Good Life Client) Paul Guzzi for his flattering comments. 


At the heart of what they do, Neal Robert and Julia Cruz consider themselves storytellers.

And, Good Life Productions LLC, the Somerville-based video production company owned and operated by the husband-and-wife team, has derived a very good business indeed from telling those stories for a wide range of clients — whether it be through a corporate profile or customer testimonial video or a video biography of someone’s family member.

“With both family and corporate productions, we want the viewer to feel something — to be emotionally affected by the video,” said Robert, 48. “Our job is to engage, inform, and educate through this powerful medium.”

That philosophy has informed the work of the principals — both local media veterans — since they launched the business in 2005. Robert serves as creative director, Cruz as executive producer. Their company has provided expertise — ranging from videography to graphics/animation and scriptwriting — on projects ranging from a 2008 piece for The Liberty Hotel in Boston that chronicled its history to a video biography (currently in production) of a 103-year-old resident of Florida and Massachusetts. Recent clients have also included The Pinehills community in Plymouth, Jasper White’s Summer Shack, and Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce.

Prior to launching Good Life, Robert had served in radio, including as an on-air personality, for the likes of WFNX, WBCN and WBOS for about 20 years. Meanwhile, Cruz, 40, had worked primarily in television — including serving as an on-air news reporter as well as the producer of the business show on NECN — for 10 years.

“They bring experience and visual sensitivity and ability to tell a story succinctly through video,” said Paul Guzzi, president and CEO of Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce. “And, they’re competitively priced.”

In 2011, the principals said, Good Life executed 51 projects; so far this year, the company has done 47, with about 10 more in production.

Revenue for the business has grown to projections of $255,000 for 2012 from $227,000 in 2011 and $212,000 in 2010.

The principals said the company was able to grow past the most recent economic downturn, in part, because their overhead is fairly low: Their permanent staff currently consists of just three people — Robert, Cruz and one part-timer (additionally, they use freelance crew as needed).

At the same time, they took steps early on to expand beyond their initial focus on the general consumer/family market to include more corporate work.

The principals acknowledge coming into this venture with strong creative skills, but having to learn to sharpen their business acumen: For instance, finding the right price point was a challenge early on.

“These days we look more at the big picture — what we want Good Life to become and how we can get there without sacrificing our values as a company and the quality of work,” said Robert. “As someone once told us, ‘In show business, there’s no show, without the business.’”