Fun With Family Video

“Happiness is having a large, loving, caring, close-knit family…in another city.” – George Burns

That quote always makes me laugh. As the youngest of my parents’ seven children and the Executive Producer of our Good Life Family History and Biography videos, I have plenty of experience with family dynamics. And the truth is, while Thanksgiving dinner with your family may be a challenge, making a video with your family is actually pretty fun!

The Rogers Family knows what I’m talking about. They contacted Good Life a few years ago to see if we could help them put together a video celebrating their dad’s 70th birthday. (They call him Da) They didn’t want a typical biography or tribute – no interviews or sappy speeches, and not just a montage of photos set to music. They wanted something original and funny, but still sentimental.

So with some posterboard, a few markers and the help of the Rogers kids and grandkids, that’s what we gave them. We filmed the entire video in one afternoon – everyone pitched in to help make the signs and organize the different scenes and we all had many good laughs watching the kids do their “acting”. Plenty of fodder for the blooper reel.

Here’s a portion of the finished product:

Big success. Da loved it. So did the grandkids, who couldn’t get enough of watching themselves on camera. They especially enjoyed watching the bloopers during the credits at the end.

Da’s only complaint was that he wasn’t allowed to be there at the filming and missed all the fun. So he hired us again for his wife’s birthday video this past year. But how could we top Da’s video without copying it?

The answer: Let the grandkids do the heavy lifting.

Introducing WNANA-TV – a news station dedicated completely to Nana.  Another hilarious shoot – right down to the rented Winnebago “driven” by a 5 year old until he was “pulled over” by an actual police officer! The Rogers will be laughing about that story for years to come.


Nathan gets “busted” behind the wheel. Good thing he never left the driveway! WP1   WP2WP3


We can’t show you the whole video, but here is a portion of the final product:

The kids did a fantastic job on camera, Da had a blast goofing around with his grandkids and Nana got an unforgettable birthday video. And when the grandkids grow up, they can pull out the videos on Thanksgiving and have a good laugh together. That’s family dynamics.


Weatherboy Timmy gets wet during the “hurricane”

Da captures his lovely granddaughters on film during the cooking segment


We’re ready for our closeup!