GoPro…My Hero

Vacations are important – everyone needs time to get away and recharge the batteries. With technology, email is always just a click away, so our vacations always involve a little bit of work – mostly checking in once a day to make sure everything is still running smoothly without us. But when we took off on our annual retreat to Truro, Massachusetts – a lovely little hamlet near the tip of Cape Cod – we brought a little bit of extra “fun” work with us…our new GoPro Hero3.


Our new GoPro Hero3

The GoPro Hero3 Black edition is a tiny thing – 30% smaller and 25% lighter than its predecessors. You can wear it on a helmet, mount it on a car dashboard, or take it underwater – it’s waterproof to 197-feet.

What better time to experiment with this dandy little machine than at the beach? But before we could start shooting underwater, we had to get the camera setup.


Neal works on setting up all the tiny pieces…without losing any

Everything on the Hero3 is miniscule, so you have to be extra careful with the many fragile pieces. They’re easy to break and/or lose. The memory card is barely the size of a fingernail!


The GoPro’s memory card is about the size of a fingernail

Once we got it all set up and charge the batteries for a couple of hours, we were ready to take the little bugger out on the beach for a trial run.

The picture quality is amazing and even the sound is impressive for this ultra-mini camera. There’s no viewfinder on the camera, but you can download the GoPro app for your iPhone or iPad and use either device as a monitor.

A couple of important things to note – if you purchase the GoPro Floaty to keep the camera floating in case you drop it in the water, keep in mind that the Floaty is attached to the camera housing. If the camera falls out of the housing, it will sink to the bottom of whatever body of water you’re in…and you’ll be buying a new camera. And if the Floaty loses its seal (which it will over time) and falls off the housing, the camera will sink.  So hold on tight. Also, be very careful not to get sand, dust or anything in between the housing. You want a super tight seal to keep the water out and the camera in working order.

But all in all, the GoPro Hero3 is a versatile, fun, technologically amazing piece of equipment we’ll be using in our productions – and at the beach – for a long time to come.